With Dan as your lifetime carpenter, you don’t have to worry what size project you have. Whether it’s big or small, he can do it all—at a fair price.

Sometimes you have a very large home improvement project—the traditional kind that construction companies compete for, such as putting an addition on your house, remodeling your kitchen, or putting on a new roof.

Other times, you just want to swap out your interior doors, put in new windows in your bedrooms, or have a custom-bookshelf made. These smaller projects are important to you, but they aren’t always seen that way by some companies. Why settle for an outrageous bid from a company that makes you feel like your smaller project isn’t worth their time?

Because Dan Lynch has spent his entire career building things from the ground up, he understands how it all fits together and can help you find creative solutions to fit your unique needs, for every project.


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How to prepare for your next interior or exterior project

First and foremost: It’s important you are available while your project is being worked on for any potential questions and updates. If you aren’t going to be home when it’s happening, please provide your daytime phone number and answer our call as not to delay the project.

  • Remove any potted plants, hanging baskets, yard ornaments, and/or deck/patio furniture that may be in the work area or path.
  • Cover any in-ground flowers, plants, or shrubs.
  • Move needed vehicles out of the garage and away from the work being done.
  • Provide access to electrical outlets and the breaker box.
  • Keep the work area and path free of pets and waste.
  • Cover or move anything in the attic for applicable roofing projects.
  • Remove all knick knacks, decorations, and framed artwork or pictures from shelves and exterior walls.
  • Remove curtains and blinds that you wish to keep for applicable projects.
  • Work can produce dust, so take appropriate steps to reduce the dust such as shutting windows, turning off the furnace, closing vents, etc.

Communicate any comments, questions, and/or concerns as they arise. Projects can be modified more efficiently as they are happening versus waiting to evaluate or modify a finished project. There is no silly question: Dan and his workers are happy to discuss your project at any time!

Not seeing what you’re looking for? Give Dan Lynch a call today at 319.396.7527 to set up a free consultation to discuss your next indoor or outdoor home improvement venture.