Replace your doors for a quicker, less expensive way to modernize your house!

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when it comes to your housing projects. Your list is probably long, and what you have slated to complete may currently be beyond your budget. If you just can’t afford to do everything all at once, consider starting here: switch out old interior and exterior doors for new ones. It has a significant impact on the overall appearance and safety of your home.

  • Instantly brighten a hallway or room with 6-panel white interior doors with white framing
  • Show your personality with a decorative front door that adds to your house’s curb appeal
  • Make your family safer with more durable exterior doors and locks
  • Save on your energy bill by installing Energy Star exterior doors
  • Add a screen or glass door to accentuate your current front door
  • Install a sliding glass door for your basement patio or to your deck from the kitchen
  • Pick out new doorknobs and hinges

Dan can frame and install your interior and exterior doors, as well as update the trim throughout your house to match!

Already like your front door, but still want something new? Consider having Dan paint your door a bold color that makes a statement!

We wanted a sliding glass door installed. This actually took a little bit of extra time because we had an uneven floor. Dan had to come up with a creative solution on the spot, using some extra trim at the bottom. He did a really great job!”

Sara and Ryan Volden

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