New flooring can change the dynamic of a room and make your house look 10 years younger!

No place in your home takes more of a beating than your floors—kids, pets, shoes, furniture, and spills are some of the many ways that take your floor from looking new to needing a facelift.

If you’re looking to put in new carpet, transition from carpet to wood or tile, or the other way around, Dan Lynch Construction can update the appearance and feel of your house seamlessly from one room to the next.

Here are a few ways Dan can refresh what’s under your feet:

  • Install stain-resistant carpet with a thicker pad for optimal comfort
  • Lay a stunning scratch-free wooden floor
  • Replace sections of carpet with ceramic tile
  • Fix your damaged flooring due to flooding or improper installation
  • And much more!

The builder of my house put the sliding glass door in the wrong way with no flashing. Water leaked in and did a lot of damage. I didn’t know the subfloor by the door was rotted until my foot went through it. I called Dan, and he came right over. Because of the water damage, Dan had to rip out the carpet and replace the subfloor. While he was at it, I had him install beautiful wood floors throughout the main floor of my house.”


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