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Dan Lynch Construction and Lynch Brothers Roofing have thrived by word of mouth referrals and advertising. And isn’t that the best way—to be continuously referred by people who are extremely satisfied with Dan’s craftsmanship and service?

Many of these testimonials are from people who have decided to make Dan their lifetime carpenter. Read on to see what real clients are saying!


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  • Marian and Roger Flink


    Our careers are built on trusting relationships. Because our professional reputation is at stake, we team up with Dan Lynch Construction to prepare homes for sale, recommend him to clients for their properties, and trust him for our own projects.

    In our profession, we can’t afford to lose time shopping around for qualified people to fix things on a house for sale after an inspection. We need someone we trust, who is committed to getting the job done right every time, with a quick turnaround.

    Dan has done things right away because he can tackle critical time frames and answers his phone when we text or call.

    We’ve had him do a lot of things at our own house as well. We had a door with a deadbolt that worked, but it was hard to turn, so Dan took the trim off, fixed the door, and put it all back together. He also installed all of our interior doors, replaced a back deck door and some outside trim work, did some caulking and painting, among other things.

    Dan is very conscientious about time. He is punctual and stands behind his work. Because of this, we have referred him to many of our clients, who have been very happy with his work. We also referred our neighbor to him when they had a leaky roof. Dan can literally do everything!

  • Alyn and Judy Johnson

    Wood floors, custom woodworking, full bathroom remodel

    We hold Dan in high regard and because of that, we’ve recommended him to others for their projects.

    Dan was originally recommended to us by our cleaning lady. We have used him for multiple projects. For instance, he took out the carpet in two of our rooms and put down wood floors. He also remodeled our bathroom and did some custom woodworking in our family room. I designed the custom bookshelves he made for us. I simply showed him what I wanted and he made it happen.

    Our bathroom was entirely redone with a whirlpool tub and standing shower on one wall. In fact, he re-built all of the walls to be completely waterproof and tiled it as well as the floor. He had guys working with him, but he did most of the tile work himself. He also put in a drop ceiling for us.

    I’m retired from a career in construction, so I understand the industry. Dan and his workers are very thorough. When Dan says he’s going to be there, he will be.

  • Colleen

    Deck, sliding door, windows

    First, I needed a new deck. I told Dan the basics of what I wanted, such as keeping it the same size as the old one I’d had, and I didn’t want to use wood. Dan found a new type of material he had never used before, but it turned out great.

    The deck layered down to a bigger area before it went to the steps. Dan knew I had a large grill and created a landing for it, so it was out of the way of the chairs and table. He also put in the sliding door that leads to the deck.

    Everything looks really nice, and I get a lot of compliments on it!

    The next project was to put in new windows. One of them didn’t fit properly and gave Dan some issues. Being a perfectionist, he was more aware of it than I was! He had the person who sold it to him come and look at it to see what they needed to do to fix it.

    One of the many great things about Dan is he listened to what I wanted and anticipated my needs. And even though I live a bit further away than his typical clients, the projects were completed in a timely fashion. Dan is very talented and loves what he does!

  • Beth

    3-season porch

    I’m really happy with what he did as well as the guys he had working for him. They were very particular about what they were doing and wanted to make sure it was done right, which I appreciated.

    My daughter saw a sign on C Ave where Dan was doing a job, so she gave me his number. I had received an estimate from another company, but they were so expensive. When Dan came out and gave me his estimate, I automatically went with him. He was $10,000 cheaper and a friendly, personable guy.

    I knew what I wanted—a room with lots of windows. I did originally want a door and stairs, but the city gave him issues about the stairs.

    Of course, Monsoon season decided to hit before Dan got the roof on. It was a total freak accident, but water came down the side of the house into the basement. I called Dan that night, and he came right over. It was about 9 p.m., but he stayed until everything was cleaned up. It was around 1 a.m. the next morning.

    Dan took care of it all and did everything he could to make it all right. I would use him again for future projects.

  • Barry and Jayne Graybill

    Kitchen remodel, future bathroom remodel, windows

    Part of the reason Dan is so good is because he cares about what he does, the people he works with and his customers. As a homeowner, that’s really important.

    We didn’t know Dan before he completely remodeled our kitchen. We got his name from our realtor who sold us the home when we asked if she knew anyone in the area that was good at remodeling. Honestly, we didn’t need to check into anyone else. When Dan came to talk to us about the remodel we knew he was the one for the job.

    We did a full remodel and gutted the whole kitchen. Dan did everything from the ceiling to the floors. The cabinets we bought had to be cut down, but Dan talked us through it and rectified everything. When we had questions, he was there to answer them.

    Based on what he did with the kitchen, obviously we’ve asked him to do more. In fact, we’ve called him back for several things. For example, he put in some windows in the bedrooms and is going to remodel our bathroom. He’s truly our go-to guy.

  • Daryl

    A list of things to help sell his house

    We heard about Dan through word of mouth. I had put my house up for sale, and the inspector found a handful of small things that needed to be done before I could sell it. Dan helped me knock those items off the list.

    I’ve used Dan so many times. He is always very meticulous about his work. He does his research, communicates well, and is a pleasant person. I appreciate that because I have big and little projects I need him for. I also like his workers, who are talented people. Dan pays attention to what’s going on. He doesn’t just assume what I want, he asks.

    The Lynch family is good, which results in Dan being a reliable and trustworthy guy.

    I know that when I tell him what I need done, it will be done well. His design advice is also great. On some of the other projects, he would spend the time to discuss options and gave his honest opinion when I asked. I enjoy working with him. I will use him again for other projects.

  • Kevin G.

    Fixed two porches, windows, sliding glass door, custom-built bookcases

    Dan’s father’s company did roofing for us. I don’t recall if I was talking to him about what we wanted to do or if it was our former neighbor who had used Dan for some projects, but we gave Dan a call.

    We were tired of getting slivers from our deck in the summer, so we talked to Dan about putting in a new one with a different type of material. After he did that, I asked for him to do some smaller things, like install a new sliding door, which led to having him create custom-built bookshelves.

    My wife didn’t want standard shelves. So, Dan used a free-flowing design with staggered shelves of different lengths and heights. It was similar to a design he used for his own house. We also wanted some storage added so we could put things away and not have to look at them every day. When you don’t have a specific idea on what you want, it’s nice to have someone who does or can adapt a design based on other things he’s seen or done.

    Dan also finished the area where our TV hangs. In addition, the brick around our gas fireplace was about a foot high and stood out of the wall. Dan lowered the fireplace and installed ceramic tile in front of it and around it.

    Dan does quality work, he gets it done in a timely way, and at a reasonable price. He also always cleans everything up very well.

  • Laura

    Hardwood floor, repaired floor, sliding glass door, extended deck

    The builder of my house put the sliding glass door in the wrong way with no flashing. Water leaked in and did a lot of damage. I didn’t know the subfloor by the door was rotted until my foot went through it. I called Dan, and he came right over.

    My insurance didn’t pay for “poor workmanship” and the original builder was bankrupt, out of business, and refused to fix it. So, Dan did.

    He had to take off the entire deck because the board that attached the house to the basement was also rotted out. At the same time, Dan extended the deck and added a landing, so my grill could be farther away from where we sit.

    Because of the water damage, Dan had to rip out the carpet and replace the subfloor. While he was at it, I had him install beautiful wood floors throughout the main floor of my house.

    When I had my knees replaced, Dan took out my stairs and put in temporary ramps. He also redid my roof because I had wind damage and roofed my neighbor’s house as well.

    One of the great things about Dan is he will sit down and listen to what you want. If something doesn’t work, he will tell you why it won’t. He’s very honest, so he doesn’t try to sell you anything extra that you don’t need.

    Dan is also prompt, personable, and cleans up after himself. I have and will continue to recommend him to others!

  • Lee Overton

    Roof, gutters, soil pipe

    I first met Dan through my work in the industry. I found that he backed up what he said and took care of his customers. He always dealt fairly and never tried to pull any fast ones. Trust me, I’ve worked in the business and there are some out there who try their best to manipulate the sale. Dan’s not like that.

    Our insurance adjustor found a leak around the soil pipe. Dan’s guys patched the leak. We also had some gutters that were causing problems because the previous subcontractor had them running the wrong way – Dan corrected them.

    The last thing he did for us was work on our roof. We had a bad wind storm come through and found a shingle in the yard. I called Dan about 4 pm on a Friday. He was getting ready to go on vacation, but he said he’d send his guys out the next week. It wasn’t a day later that two of his guys showed up at our door, ready to fix it. That’s the type of guy Dan is: He was literally on his way out the door for a family vacation out of state, but he took a few extra minutes to ensure one of his guys would be there for us to meet our needs in his absence. And they were!

  • Linda

    3-seasons room, siding, window

    I asked for an estimate from another construction company before I called Dan. My house was built in 1970, so it wasn’t anything special. That’s the way they made me feel in fact—that my house wasn’t worth their time, and I wasn’t important. They were snobby and wouldn’t listen to what I wanted. They wouldn’t even give me an estimate!

    Dan and Nikki lived down the street from me at the time, and I remembered he was in this line of work. So, I called him. He showed up and was very personable. Right away, he listened to what I envisioned for the room and gave me an estimate for what I had asked for. That’s why I went with him. I thought his estimate was very fair, and it didn’t go up as the job continued.

    Aside from the weather, everything ran smoothly. It was the year we had snow in April. He had to wait until the mud dissipated a bit. Before he was even done with the room, I told him I wanted him to change the siding on my house. I picked out the color I wanted for the outside of the new 3-seasons room and he would finish the rest of the house a little later on. I also had him switch out a bedroom window for me.

    I trusted Dan and was very happy with him. I have recommended him to a couple of other people, including Judy and Al Johnson, who were very happy with him as well.

  • Sara and Ryan Volden

    Roof, sliding glass door, siding

    Dan’s been a friend of ours for a long time. When we needed a new roof, we asked him to give us an estimate. It was reasonable, so we went with him and had him do some other work as well.

    For example, we wanted a sliding glass door installed. This actually took a little bit of extra time because we had an uneven floor. Dan had to come up with a creative solution on the spot, using some extra trim at the bottom. In addition to that, we had him put siding on our house.

    Dan was in full communication with us throughout the process. If he couldn’t be here, he would tell us who would be coming in his place.

    He does a really nice job, and we have yet to have any issues. We’ve been very impressed!

  • Steve and Mary

    Skylight replacement

    Dan’s father Larry had reroofed a house for us years back, so when my husband and I wanted to have a skylight replaced in our foyer, we called Larry who referred us to his son Dan.

    We just wanted something simple. We received a couple of estimates from other places, but none of them were conscientious enough to let us know ahead of time that the shingles around the skylight would need to be updated. Dan was forthright about it.

    He helped us figure out how it would all work. His pricing was appropriate, and it was the same price he had originally quoted when the job was done. He was also really good about repairing around the skylight once it was put in.

    Dan worked with us on the timeline. My husband and I didn’t want to start the project until the bug season was over, but before it got cold out. Dan did it in the first week of November, and we are very happy with the result.

    We will definitely call him again for future projects!

  • Tabby Barnes

    Realtor, multiple projects, roof

    I would recommend Dan to anybody.

    I was selling a house for a client, and they actually recommended Dan. He had roofed their house. I had him put on a roof for a rental house of my own.

    Dan responds quickly, he’s nice, and he completes a job quickly. In my business, that means a lot. Sometimes I’m required to receive quotes from three companies for a house I’m selling. This means a company has to take the time to come out and give me a quote on a project, at no cost. It’s hard to get some to do this, because they feel it’s wasted time. In fact, some people don’t even call back!

    Not Dan. He’s always great about giving me a bid, and everyone is really happy with the work he’s done.

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